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***Policy changes to selling e-cigarettes and manufacturer coupons and ***

29 May, 2009 | 10:00AM BST

From 30th June 2009, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes will be banned from sale on and  This ban will enable and to have consistent policies with other eBay sites throughout Europe. The ban also includes any listing of component parts (including but not limited to):  cartridges, atomisers, liquid refills, vaporisers, batteries and shells. Full details of this policy will be available on 30th June

Manufacturer Vouchers
From 30th June 2009, and will launch a Manufacturer Vouchers policy.  eBay is committed to working with the voucher industry to help ensure that eBay is not a venue for fraudulent voucher-related transactions and to providing its users with a safe place to trade. Therefore, the listing of valid vouchers will be permitted on the site with the following limitations: 

  • Expired Vouchers: The sale of recently expired vouchers is not permitted on eBay as such vouchers serve no valid purpose and could be used in a fraudulent manner. Collectible vouchers that clearly cannot be redeemed may be permitted.
  • Electronic "scanned" vouchers: All vouchers sold through eBay must be physically delivered to the buyer, and may not be delivered by electronic means for home printing. Further, to reduce the potential for voucher abuse, eBay asks that sellers refrain from placing clear, unaltered scans of vouchers in their listings that could be copied, printed and redeemed in stores. The sale of scanned or photocopied vouchers may breach copyright laws, and sellers of such unlawful items could face legal action.
  • Bulk voucher sales: Bulk voucher listings are defined as listings that contain more than 20 vouchers for the same item, or more than 100 total vouchers. If it is unclear how many vouchers are offered, the listing will be considered to be in breach of policy. Voucher inserts (packets of vouchers typically found in newspapers) are limited to a maximum of 5 per listing, unless the seller indicates in the listing that the quantity of vouchers for sale is under 100 total vouchers.
  • Vouchers for 'free' products: Vouchers for free products, with no purchase required, are limited to two per listing. Internet home-printed vouchers are also limited to 2 per listing.

Full details of these two policies will be available on 30th June


The eBay Team


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