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May 2009
***eBay Stores Upgrade; News about Search ***

May 04, 2009 | 03:20PM a SGT

eBay Stores has always been a great way for sellers to create their own brands on eBay. With new storefront templates and enhanced search results, the new eBay Stores format is even better—both for Stores sellers and their customers.

eBay Stores Upgrade: final reminder to check your Store

Most Stores sellers have chosen to upgrade and are currently benefitting from the new format and in early May, we will begin upgrading the rest of eBay Stores automatically. If you haven’t already done so, it’s important that you preview your Store and opt-in beforehand. Just go to My eBay and click “Manage My Store” in the Account menu.

For most Stores, the transition is seamless and requires no modification by the seller. If your Store has been significantly customized, you may need to make some changes. So be sure to check now, before the automatic upgrade begins.

For more details, please see our frequently asked questions.

Older search technology retiring in June

Almost all eBay buyers and sellers are now using eBay’s new search technology. If you’re still using the older pages, we encourage you to give the new search a try—even if you tried it before. We received valuable feedback from the community and have already incorporated many suggestions:

  • Results are returned faster than ever.
  • You see more of the items you want.
  • You can now customize your preferences on the left side of the page.
  • Window shopping in the snapshot view makes shopping even more fun.
  • “Related searches” and “exclude in category” searches are back.

We'll continue to make the new search better, faster, and easier to use with more innovative ways to find what you’re looking for.

The eBay Team
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