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May 2008
***Global AB post - Feedback Transformation***

May 08, 2008 | 10:08AM a SGT

In January 2008, eBay announced some bold changes to how Feedback on our site works. The original announcement can be found here.

Over the last several months, eBay has had many conversations with our users – both buyers and sellers – and we’ve had the opportunity to consider ways we can address some of the top concerns we’ve heard. Based on the input received, the following are some additional modifications we’re making:

  • Content will be added in the “Leave Feedback” flow for buyers who are in a cross-border transaction which reminds them that international transactions usually take longer to complete.
  • The interstitial page that buyers see before leaving negative or neutral Feedback have been improved; the updated page offers a stronger message to buyers about the need to communicate with the seller, to allow enough time for the transaction to complete and to keep Feedback factual.

Specific to, the following will be implemented starting on May 21, 2008:

  • Sellers may only leave positive feedback for buyers.
  • Negative and neutral Feedback will be removed if a member becomes suspended.
  • Members can leave Feedback up to 60 days after a transaction (down from 90).
  • Feedback will be removed when a buyer fails to respond to the unpaid item process.
  • Members will receive credit for weekly repeat Feedback.
  • Positive Feedback Percentage will be based on the last 12 months of activity (neutral Feedback will be included in the calculation).
  • The PowerSeller Program will use the same calculation method described above to determine eligibility for the PS Program for the Positive Feedback percentage requirement of 98% positive.
  • In addition to expanding the 3-day block to 7 days, a new Buyer Requirement will be introduced allowing sellers to block buyers who have been reported by other sellers for eBay buying policy violations (such as Feedback abuse or email threats).
  • The scope of the existing Buyer Requirement for unpaid items will be expanded so that it supports more comprehensive blocking of buyers who have a history of non-payment.
  • The process that sellers use to report buyers for policy violations will be improved.

These changes represent a huge investment in transforming the way Feedback works, so that it better serves today’s marketplace. Ultimately, the goal is to restore trust and transparency and improve the buying experience, while offering needed checks and balances to ensure our sellers provide excellent service benefits.

All aspects of the new Feedback system and responses from the marketplaces will be studied carefully. eBay will make improvements when appropriate.

Yours sincerely,
The eBay Team

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