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***Bid Assistant To Be Removed***

September 05, 2008 | 10:51AM PST/PT

Henri Huch
Hi everyone, I'm Henri Huch from eBay’s Buyer Experience team. As part of our ongoing efforts to simplify the site and remove features that have very low usage, we're going to remove the Bid Assistant tool (which allowed you to bid on multiple similar items in succession) in the next few weeks.

The removal plan
Starting the week of September 15th, the links to Bid Assistant will be removed from item pages and from My eBay, and buyers will no longer be able to create new groups of items within the tool. If you've used the Bid Assistant tool recently, or do so before September 15th, here’s how you'll be affected:

  • If you have an active Bid Assistant group as of September 15: You will still see the link to Bid Assistant in My eBay, and will be able to view your groups of items within the tool. The Bid Assistant tool will also continue to bid on the items within each group as scheduled. However, you will not be able to add or remove items from a group, or alter your maximum bids. Because these groups will essentially "lock" on September 15, make sure that you don't want to change anything within your Bid Assistant groups prior to that day.

  • If you have a closed Bid Assistant group as of September 15: You'll still be able to view your closed groups via the link in My eBay.

The Bid Assistant tool will then be removed from the site entirely in mid-October.


Henri Huch
Buyer Experience


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