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***Sellers, Add Your Listings To Your Facebook Feed***

April 10, 2008 | 10:31AM PST/PT

Sebastien Dubuisson
Hi everyone...I'm Sebastien Dubuisson with eBay's Seller Experience team. If you use the popular social networking site Facebook, you already know that the News Feed feature can help you keep your friends up to date on your life. Now, you can also use it as a marketing tool to show off your eBay listings!

Simply link your eBay account to your Facebook profile in your selling preferences of My eBay, or from a link on the "Congratulations" page after you've listed an item through the Sell Your Item form. After that, whenever you list a new item, it can automatically be included in your newsfeed and minifeed so everyone in your network can check it out. This is just one of the ways you can use Facebook to spread the word about your eBay business check out their business page for more ideas.

For more information about adding your items to your Facebook News Feed, see our Help page.


Sebastien Dubuisson
Seller Experience


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