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***Shipment Tracking Information***

December 14, 2007 | 10:34AM PST/PT

Kristina Klausen
Hi everyone. This is Kristina Klausen from eBay's Shipping team. As many sellers already know, part of ensuring a smooth transaction is giving buyers information about their item's shipping status. What's more, many buyers have come to expect shipment tracking when making online purchases. I'm pleased to let you know we're making a couple changes to give more shipment tracking options to both our sellers and our buyers.

More Options for Sellers to Provide Shipment Information
Today when sellers use the PayPal label printing solution to print their USPS and UPS shipping labels, their shipment information automatically updates in their buyers' Order Details pages, accessible from My eBay. Now other sellers will be able to easily pass along USPS and UPS shipment information to buyers by uploading tracking information either on their My eBay page or in Selling Manager.

To do this from My eBay: Go to the "Items I've Sold" section, and choose "Add Tracking Number" from the options in the drop down box under the "Action" column.

To do this from Selling Manager: Click on the new box that appears in the "Items I've Sold" section called "Add Tracking Number", and enter the tracking number.

For File Exchange users: You will also be able to add tracking numbers using a new template which will be available soon in the File Exchange Center.

Easier for Buyers to find Shipment Info on Order Details Page
Also, shipment tracking and delivery confirmation status updates will be displayed right on the Order Details page, available from My eBay. This helps buyers get the information they need in a glance to feel confident about their transaction. Buyers can also click through for the complete tracking history.

After the holidays we'll be adding more features to shipment tracking, so watch for more updates in early 2008.

Happy shipping!

Kristina Klausen
eBay Shipping Team


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