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***Introducing eBay Neighborhoods***

October 09, 2007 | 04:05PM PST/PT

Nathan Sacco
Hi everyone...I'm Nathan Sacco, and I'm here to tell you about eBay Neighborhoods. Hopefully you've gotten a quick glimpse of Neighborhoods on our Sneak Peek page (and read the Mr. Rogers-themed post on the Chatter blog). Neighborhoods offer a whole new way for you to share and connect with others interested in the same items and topics as you.

What are Neighborhoods?
Think of Neighborhoods as a gathering place for fans of a certain product, team, artist, and more. They've been created around popular items and searches and are designed for members with a very specific interest in mind.

For example, if you're crazy about Audi automobiles, steer yourself over to that Neighborhood. Or maybe you love the "Slippery When Wet" album...the Bon Jovi Neighborhood could be for you. You'll be able to find links to Neighborhoods on applicable search results pages and the Community hub, or simply search for them at

Within a Neighborhood, you'll find a discussion board dedicated to that topic where you can ask and answer questions, brag about your latest auction win, or discuss what's new. You can upload and share photos related to that topic - and vote on which are best - or check out related listings, reviews, guides and blogs. You can even use our tools to see who else is part of that Neighborhood, or to find other Neighborhoods that might interest you.

To participate, all you need to do is join the Neighborhood. Once you join, it'll be added to a new My Neighborhoods section in My eBay as well.

The launch plan
In the next few days, we're going to introduce several hundred Neighborhoods that cover a wide variety of interests. We'll be adding more as time goes on. In fact, if you have a suggestion for a new Neighborhood, let us know by using the form available at the Neighborhoods hub and on every Neighborhood page.

We'll see you in the Neighborhood(s)!


Nathan Sacco
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