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***Windorphins Are Everywhere!***

June 18, 2007 | 04:08PM PST/PT

Lisa Carey
Hi everyone...We've all experienced that feeling you can only get on eBay you know, the excited rush you get when you win that item you really wanted at a great price? Or when you sell an item for more than you expected?

Well, we've had a scientific breakthrough! According to our official scientists after a lot of arduous, painstaking research - it can be linked to a phenomenon called "windorphins". To learn more about this discovery and to see some of our cutting-edge research methods, check out

And if you live in Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, or read national magazines like People, Us, Time, or Newsweek (among others), keep your eyes out for more buzz about windorphins.

Plus, if you visit, you'll have another chance to get that winning feeling with the Windorphins Instant Win Game. It runs through July 1st, so check it out soon!


Lisa Carey
eBay Marketing


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